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  1. Will be watching this with the greatest envy! I'm really getting into the whole C90-around-the-world idea, and here i am stuck writing a dissertation :( Best of luck from london! (also i see your route does not take you through Ghana: it's a pity as she's a really beautiful country.. i've lived there for three years :))

    1. Hi, thanks for getting in touch! I think I will be going through Ghana to be honest. I drew that line through Africa quite a while ago and I've been thinking about the route - visas - I might as well go if I'm there - for a long time. Ghana does seem like an amazing place to visit, and I'm excited about going. It seems a very long way away from here as I look out over a drizzly little French town from a kitchen window. Good luck with your dissertation. It will be worth it when the studies are over.

  2. Nice trip kiddd. Its always cool to hear of other c90 lovers. Im just back from Kazakhstan ( Will be keeping an eye on your blog!

    Noticed that you got an airhawk - good work.

  3. Liam! we saw you entering dakhla while we were driving out to the campsite! We then tried to find you in the town, but to no avail. I'm glad you had fun there, it's such a beautiful place! It was lovely meeting you and best of luck from Howard, Dean and I. Andrea.

  4. Hi Liam,
    Me n my mates all watching your progress and Yorkshire dales seem dull now after seeing your adventures. Glad its working out and I bet you know your bike inside out now. Good luck m8.
    Jordie Kev.

  5. hi liam, just a couple of words of advice regarding the engine, if you read the" postie bike challenge" website the ride across Oz on bikes similar to the c90 in stinking hot conditions
    they seriously recommend backing off the speed to less than 45mph to give the engine an easier time and avoid overheating, also let it tick over for a couple of minutes after a long run
    to allow the oil to circulate as the engine cools. use 20/50 in hot climates and generally be gentle with it, you are fully loaded up on that thing and using high revs will stress the engine, no engine can take that for long periods let alone an air cooled one that will rev to 8,500. be kind to it and it will reward you.
    trust me I am a veteran of many a long c90 campaign and have owned a string of c90's over the last 35 years and the only major issue I had was a seized engine due to low oil.£30 for a rebore and new piston and I got away with it lightly, but I learned a valuable lesson... check the oil every day!
    best of luck. Johnse...

    1. Thanks John.
      I try not to take it over 40mph to be honest. Although when I first started out I'd try to get 50 mph on the slopes of Europe. Not here though! Not that there are any hills at the moment. It's proving near impossible to find 20/50 here, unfortunately, so I'm having to put in 10/40. After my major disaster in Spain due to lack of oil I'm checking that dipstick religiously. I didn't get off lightly that time... I have been concerned and curious about how effective the air cool would be out here so cheers for the heads up. I'll take breaks and ride gently.
      Thanks for getting in touch. I've learnt a lot about engines during this 4 and a half months on the road compared to when I set off, due to peoples advice. I left with practically zero knowledge.


    2. Hi Liam, I hope this will be the end of your engine woes. As ever I will offer you some wise words... run it in properly ie. stick to below 40mph and avoid hills if possible for 500 miles and be gentle with it for 1000 miles. Change the oil after 200 miles and again at 500 miles. Good luck, Johnse.

    3. Thanks Johnse. I'm treating it with care!

  6. Hi Liam. It's Alan, Row and Chris from the Angel. Lots of hugs. Keep it up dude x. We're keeping ourselves updated with your daily adventures thanks to your excellent posts. Missing you loads. Lots of love. X

    1. You drunken guys! Hope you enjoyed the night in the Angel with that very rare form of perfection that is English ale. You beautiful people. x

  7. Just stumbled across your blog , also a C90 long distance rider and mechanic if you get in the shit again give me a shout ill do what I can to help great journals keep them coming do you have a FB page tried a quick search but nothing obvious .
    Ride safe

  8. Hello. Yeahh, there is a Facebook page knocking around somewhere but I really haven't put any time into it. When I get round to it I'll let you know. I should make a good one really.

    Thanks for getting in touch. The latest mechanical mishap is now a clacking noise that's coming from my cylinder. Its overheating way too quickly too. To be honest I think this engine is fatally ill and I'm looking out for a Lifan 110cc engine to bolt on the bike. I've had it with the problems and think a fresh start would be best. I'm putting too much thought and energy into trying to keep this thing going.



  9. Hi Liam, I have a good c90 engine which I had promised to sell to a friend, however after telling him about your plight he has agreed that your need is greater than his and he can wait for one to come up on ebay. There are 2 obstacles to overcome as far as I can see, the first is shipping I have no idea if anyone like DHL.or FedEx will ship to where you are, the second is it is a non electric start engine so the wiring will need minor mods, but I can guarantee it is a good sound engine as I do not deal in junk and certainly would not entertain sending my junk to deepest Africa
    Please let me know what you think?

  10. Hi Liam,

    As a C90 owner with 107cc Lifan engine, I'm really enjoying your blog. Your lack of mechanical knowledge is at this time a hindrance, but your gaining experience, and that is part of the journey.

    One think that does concern me that at least in the early day you appeared to be in some thing of a rush? Again once you understand what this epic trip is all about you will start to chill and relax.
    I cannot emphasize this point, but you must treat the wee Honda as if it wear a small horse, that way you it will serve you well, the idea that it can be thrashed within a inch of it's life is partly true, but please restrain your self, unless you are being chased by a lion or a rhino :-)

    In my humble opinion the Honda C90 is the best form of transport to see the World.

    Enjoy your trip, we are all hear too help..

    You will be pleased to know it's a balmy 7c here in Bradford with bright sunshine :-)

    Kind regards.

    John Stanley

    1. Hi John.

      Yeah its true, I was in a rush to get on when I first started. I felt pretty uncomfortable at the beginning and thought the the further away I got from home the better I'd feel. Which was true.

      My poor Honda engine reached the end of its days in Kumasi, Ghana. The guys at the house said there going to make a shrine out of it or something. I now have a random Chinese 107cc engine in it now. The first impressions are good.

      We'll see!

  11. Hi Liam,

    Just found you blog while searching for brave souls touring the world on small bikes.

    I will be following your adventures through your post.

    Good luck and ride safely


  12. Hi Liam, It's good to hear you are going to stick with it. Remember, the one thing that changes a disaster into an adventure is your attitude towards it!
    Please keep us posted, as your posts are of great interest to us that go through the daily drudgery that is working life and we envy you despite the hardships you have encountered, most of us would gladly swap places.
    Take care, Johnse.