Travelling the Routes

UK to Democratic Republic of the Congo on a Honda C90

Part One: UK to Ghana, 10/09/2013 - 24/03/2014

Part Two: Ghana to D.R. Congo 24/032014 - 15/09/2014

This was the most gruelling thing that I've ever attempted. It was an amazing trip, but it nearly broke me on more than one occasion. Some of that was down to terrible luck. And there was other situations that I never thought I'd find myself in, such as having a round from an AK47 fired over my head in Nigeria after I got accused of being a spy for Boko Harem. Still, I wouldn't change the fact that I went for it.
 I tried to be as open as possible when writing the updates during this trip, and I treat my website as a sort of diary. I hope you find it interesting.

There's an extra photo gallery of my time travelling through the jungles towards the end of this trip that I didn't publish at the time also.

Happy reading!


  1. Hi Liam!
    have you taken a video camcorder on this epic adventure- I could only see stills (very good)
    & if so...what type

  2. Hello.

    No, no camcorder. For a while I decided that I was going to bring one, but in the end I changed my mind. I read a book about a guy who cycled back to England from the far East of Russia 'Cycling home from Siberia by Rob Lilwall' I thought his book was very good; insightful, detailed. Then after I read it I discovered that he'd filmed the journey with a little hand held camera. His footage was actually made into a mini series by National Geographic... but after reading his book I wasn't impressed with the motion captured take on his ride. I find that filming can somehow 'cheapen' the experience in the way it's presented; like it did with his ride. There's no thorough thought/analysation. Whereas in a book you can portray moments and give events justice to what they deserve, and I am planning to write a book. Also, I'm a big fan of photography and I think still photographs can say so much more about a place if taken correctly than what filmed footage can. 'A picture can say a thousand words' etc. And I think good photographs can add an element of mystery which is also lacking with film. I like perfect shots, to present a lure into the essence of travel and I like to say my words after I've thought about them more (I don't think I'd be good speaking on film 'in the moment'), so... I'm a words and stills man at the end of the day. Occasionally I wish I had something to capture a moving moment, like a sunset, but that's usually down to wanting to capture sounds.
    I'm glad you like my photographs anyway! I hope it's not a mistake not bringing a video camera as now two people have now asked. But... my adventure, my portrayal. I hope you enjoy it regardless.

    Thanks for getting in touch and I hope you like my site.