Thursday 19 September 2013


I should have left for the road to Spain today... but instead of packing yesterday we went to the coast and swam in a secluded lagoon of beautiful crystal clear and cyan blue water, that you had to reach by climbing down a cliff with a rope. And then instead of packing in the evening we went to a dinner party that we got invited to on the way home, where the food was good and the beer and wine flowed freely. And then instead of going home and packing we went to a little local bar where a local French man kept buying us beer. I love Cameret. TOMORROW I will set off on the road to Spain... even though Cameret seems to be doing her best to make me stay. The tip of land that we are on is known locally as 'The end of the Earth.' For me it is the beginning, and the end will be my home in England. And until then I have the World in between. I will leave tomorrow. I have some squid catching do to in the meantime though. Rock the boat.

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