Friday 27 September 2013


I've made it to Barcelona. Got here last night and was truly tired. I'm staying with my friend Maria, who I lived with in Romania. Feel far better today after a comfortable sleep in a hallway. One of my two carbon fibre tent poles decided to shatter at the pivot point on Sunday morning, so I've been sleeping in woods and fields without a tent since then. Bar one night in an apartment in Bordeaux. It was nice to have a nights sleep that was not accompanied with the backdrop of farmers dogs barking in the distance and to wake up not covered in dew. Little 90 made it over the Pyrenees fine. 2nd gear and 20 mph for most of it. But only used 1.75 litres of fuel to get from the foothills on the French side and over Andorra. Its amazing how the landscape changes when you cross the mountains. The weather is beautiful here. Off to the beach for a swim now, a diner party later, and a beer tasting party tomorrow! Could I have received better news over breakfast this morning!?


  1. Glad you are doing well Liam, I'm enjoying the updates!

  2. Went through Pyrenees a few times on holiday, also went into Andorra. The views from everywhere are amazing!