Tuesday 15 October 2013


It looks like I'm destined to stay in Ciudad Real for a long time. I was only meant to be here for a day but it seems it will be twelve at the least. I applied for my Senegalese visa last Wednesday and received the initial email certificate stating that I paid etc. The embassy states that it will take 48 hours to receive the 2nd email, to which I can then go to Madrid and pick up the biometric part of the visa and then be on my way. Its now been five days and I haven't received the 2nd email yet. I got in touch with the Senegalese in Dakar yesterday and this was the reply,
 'Did Madame, don't wait for confirmation please go to consulate and get visa. Thank you.'

So with me being slightly unsure whether I could actually turn up at the embassy in Madrid without all the correct documents I've been trying to call them all day just to clarify. Yet, because of 'Eid' the Senegalese embassy in Madrid won't be open again until Friday. Miguel's Family here are happy for me to stay, to which I'm very thankful. Staying nearly two weeks in a small town out of my world wide trip feels like a long time. I'm itching to get going. 

 May as well carry on with the booze train then.

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