Monday 21 October 2013


Well this is embarrassing... I've managed to destroy my Honda engine. I think multiple factors meant that I rode with not enough oil in. To be honest I thought there was too much! But whatever those factors were the fact remains that I now have a bike with no engine and a Liam with a lot of shame and disbelievement. I think the worst things that could happen on this trip are...

1. I die.

2. I fall off and break my arms, legs and face and become a vegetable.

3. I get kidnapped and have all my money stolen.

4. My bike gets stolen.

5. I break the engine 2000 miles in due to an incorrect oil level.

So the only back up plan I can feasibly do is to buy a new engine. I can't afford/find a new bike and I can't afford the engine to be rebuilt at the garage ( 1000 euros )

On the plus side this new engine is a 125cc which will thankfully fit 90 perfectly - a  Lifan 125cc Big Valve 4 Speed Semi Auto Pit Bike Engine. I'm not totally happy (well I'm not that happy at the moment anyway!) with having to put a foreign engine in the bike, but its the only engine I can find. I've found accounts of them racking up 35000 miles which is okay, and maybe having to put a 125cc engine into my bike will be a blessing in disguise for Africa.

I'm trying to stay positive but its hard to believe this has actually happened.



  1. Hi Liam...OOPs probably doesnt do much good eh... i have been following your progress up to date well done so far..Things to consider ...Bikes and engines do burn/use oil hence your breakdown...i would suggest that from now on at least once a week you do a basic check of the bike include the oil in the engine..the chain (tension and lubrication especially when you get to the dry climates where you may have to lube the chain at least twice weekly or you may suffer from a break which is not good) also check your break pads/wear and adjustment on a weekly basis if you have any long spell using the brakes on a down hill stretch then check them as soon as possible the brakes will get very hot and it they over heat will fail...
    tyres again looking for any bumps bulges cracks or things stuck into them....hopefully once you get the new engine fitted you willl be able to travelling a little quicker and cover a few more miles per day so you should be able to catch up with the time you have lost...take care keep safe and enjoy.....Cliff Knighton @Ridesafe

  2. No, I've decided against the Lifan. I can get the engine repaired for 500 Euro, £450. Its a lot of money to have to fork out at this stage but there's no other option really. If I bought the Lifan and then had it shipped over here I'd end up saving around £50 in the end, and I'd much prefer to do it on the Honda engine.

    Its a shame this has happened but I'm just going to have to face it and put my hand in my pocket. Never going to have this opportunity again and the journey is priceless. 500 euros is a little blip in the long run. There's always more money to earn!

  3. And thanks for your input guys. It nice to get some sound advice from people at times like this.