Thursday 3 October 2013


Had my first motorcycle accident of the journey so far today, literally one minute after leaving my hosts home in Amposta. I set off for La Vall D' Uxió in the rain, the first rain for a long time, and came to a junction in the road. I thought a van was going to pull out in front of me, which, combined with the wet road, the paint markings, and the oil on the tarmac that I noticed later, threw the bike sideways as I braked. The front wheel slipped to the right, the bike fell to the left and I was thrown of it, skidding along the road on my left side and back for around three metres. Its a good job I was only doing 25 mph at the time. I eventually stopped skidding with my face just in front of the vans wheels. I laid there for those brief few moments when you know you could be hurt, waiting for the pain to come. But it never came. A crowd gathered and helped me get little 90 of the road. All that was damaged was a slightly ripped pannier bag and a bent left foot pedal, which also left a gouge in the road. It took a lot of reassuring and smiling to convince the crowd that I was okay. I haven't got one scratch on me. I'm very lucky. Looks like I'm still young and bouncy. I rode with a lot more care today, seldom going over 30 mph. Aside from when I had to go on a highway at 50 mph and my screen finally snapped off and hit me in the face. Joy of joys. If anyone wants to donate any money to the charities I'm supporting whilst I almost kill myself around the world then feel free...


  1. You're lucky Liam, Take care !

  2. BE CAREFUL! I want you in one Liam Parkin shaped piece when I come to find you! xx

  3. Hows the waterproofs and gloves standing up to your stunt work !!!

    1. I think the gloves saved my hand, definitely. But I wasn't wearing the waterproofs, its way too hot here and I was glad of the rain... until I crashed. I just glided along the road regardless.

  4. Be careful out there:-) But don't let a little spill put you off - I'm sure it won't.