Friday 20 December 2013


Today we leave Nouakchott to make our way to the Senegalese border. The crossing from Mauritania into Senegal is renowned as been the worst border crossing in the whole of Africa. The main frontier post is in the town of Rosso. I've heard cars start to follow you about 30 km away from the border and then do what they will to not let you get away, always demanding money. Corrupt police, army and officials, all working together to extort false payments/fines from you and turning a blind eye to people robbing your bags as they get commission from it. I've heard reports of a group of travellers ramming the main gate in a 4x4 to get through and people been taken into huts and physically threatened by the army until they pay up.
 The alternative to the Rosso crossing is the post at Diama. Though to get to Diama you have to turn onto an unmarked and unpaved road around 30 km away from Rosso. This piste takes you over rough terrain following a river through a national park for around 50 km. This is the road we are going to try and take. Many people say that Diama is a lot better, less hassle, less corruption, but sometimes equally bad. Were going to camp in the desert tonight and then make for the border tomorrow. What could actually go wrong!?

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  1. You'll be fine, stop whinging. Love you Parkin xx