Friday 3 January 2014


We get back on the road again tomorrow. I'm ready to leave, I'm getting restless now, we've spent two weeks in the same place being occupied with fixing my bike, Christmas and new year. We're all in the clear now though and are ready to depart to the Mali border. We're giving it around a week to get there. Thanos has decided to leave though, he doesn't want to go further into Africa and is looking into getting himself and his bike back to Greece, so its just me and Stergios now. We're planning on crossing into Mali on a new road which hasn't appeared on any map yet, but we've been assured it exists by other travellers. We're avoiding the main border crossing at Kayes as you now need a military escort from the border to just outside of Bamako and its looking like the army is trying to charge what they like for this, so were banking on the quieter road through what it looks like uncharted terrain. Re-reading this it sounds like the opening plot to a film where two travellers get kidnapped/lost in the jungle/robbed senseless by bandits... I find it exciting.

Typical sunset view from the campsite. A lovely place but I need to move on.

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