Thursday 13 February 2014


A happy news day. I got accepted for my Nigerian visa. Its renowned as being one of the most problematic visas to obtain on my course through Africa. I had to have an interview with the consulate, during which, he popped the question 'Why don't you just fly to South Africa like everybody else?' Really? I also got treated to a bare ass dance on the street this afternoon. Middle of the day, pointed at a busy road, a huge Ouga lady ass jiggling up and down. I mean, there was shit coming out of it at the same, but still, she had good moves. Jiggle finish... no need for toilet paper!


  1. billy wiz here liam fantastic reading about the trip added to my fave sites loving the writing keep it up

    1. Hi Billy. Sorry for the very, very... VERY late reply. Thanks for the comment, it's appreciated. I was through some old posts for some prompting for the book I'm writing. Glad you enjoyed the site. I'll be setting off again, soonish, so hopefully some more 'shit dancing' puns will be on here soon.