Monday 24 February 2014


'You need a Carnet to get into Ghana'

'You'll have to pay loads of money to get in if its even possible.'

'I just crossed into Ghana and they said its impossible to get in here without a Carnet.'

'Good luck at the border, Liam. I reckon I'll be seeing you back in Burkina in a few days.'

Indeed the first thing the customs people asked me was to see my Carnet. Then they told me that I need one to enter the country. But after talking with the chief in the customs office for 40 minutes explaining who I am and what I'm trying to do I walk out of the office with the official temporary import permit, completely exempt from all charges (even the locals pay 10 Euros) with the words of 'You take care of yourself, sir, and have a safe journey.'


I'm staying in a town called Kumasi, in a locals house who stopped to take a photo of me. Last night was the first night I'd slept behind a door for two and a half months. Quiet.


  1. Good going Liam,

    Africa is a place were you make plans. :)

    How is the engin on that bike doing ?


    1. Hi Francois. I've put a new engine in my bike. I think it was for the best. I took mine apart and there was so much that looked wrong with it. I think a fresh start is for the best.

  2. Hi Liam, im chuffed to bits for you and your new engine. The man who knows his bike best is the man who is riding it. Just been watching the paris Dakar rally on sky and thought of you. some quick updates from back home. wali and jane are moving out of fleece and in to pub in Pudsey. the winter never came. it just rained a lot. the snowdrops and daffodils have come early cos its really warm. ive been laid up for weeks cos I snapped my right wrist walking buster and marley in the mud down the river. I can type but its a bit like picking your nose with your big toe. possible but not as much fun. I think of you across the other side of the world and just think you must have kahoonas like coconuts lol.
    wise words from buster.
    Beware of men who say...... I look after you....... I do you special offer....... trust me sure your learning by now.
    good luck buddy.
    love the website.
    Jordie Kev