Wednesday 5 March 2014


I've reached the Gulf of Guinea! It took me tow days to reach after I left the Kofi residence in Kumasi. I thought it would only take a day but the night came in before I was anywhere close. Thankfully a village was more than happy to take me in. Especially the children 'Look at the white guy with the blue eyes and blonde hair!' I'm staying on a camp site by the beach but still haven't managed to find my peace and quiet. I haven't been feeling too well over the last three days. Eating has been very hard. I went for a malaria test as my neck started aching but it came out negative. A British couple in their 70's at the camp who have been travelling around the world in a massive truck for the past 14 years took me in and made me some mushroom soup, English style! I'm starting to feel better now. I'm friends with my new engine too... This little unknown Chinese thing took me 130 miles from one tank of fuel. My tank is only three and a half litres. About twenty miles of that was in second gear too due to the state of the roads. Doesn't feel natural!

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  1. I can imagine how interesting it was talking to that couple and their 14 year quest. Glad to hear that the new engine is working out.