Saturday 5 April 2014


Since its taking a exceedingly long time to get my replacement passport sorted out there's really not much to report on since I'm stationary. I'm trying to make the most of having access to an oven though! I'm generally quite a lean person naturally, but when your on the road weight just seems to fall off you. I've acquired some pretty serious ribs on route. Hopefully if I carry on eating like this I can put on some reserves for the jungles ahead.


  1. You have well earned your zero days with all the challenges, institutional, social, mechanical, etc, on your adventure. Great to hear that you are safe and eating well for now. Hope you get your passport and mechanical issues behind you and continue on with your journey.

    Keep posting as I am envying your trip and hoping someday I can do something similar.


  2. Thanks mate.

    I'm glad you like the blog, its good to know.

    Still going to be a long while yet before everything is fixed. More waist weight to come!

  3. Best I get on the road to loose some weight then :)