Sunday 20 April 2014


My two friends, Stergio and Steven who I met on the road, made it through Nigeria and into Cameroon last week. I should have been with them but the delay of getting a replacement passport and their visas meant they had to go ahead. They went through a total of 53 police and military checkpoints... had attempted bribes at each one and even had a gun pointed at their faces by a drunken official. They had to be evacuated out of a hotel (I'm not sure on the details) and the best bit, got attacked by the moped stick men... These guys are quite infamous. They usually hang around the East of Nigeria, past the capital, Abuja. They roam around on mopeds carrying sticks with the hope of robbing people. My friends got away but they warned me that they can be very aggressive. I might have to carry around a stick in my front shopping basket just in case. I don't think I could out run them with my engine.

It's something to look forward to!

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  1. I'm sure you know this already but remember to listen to your six sense, dude; if a situation doesn't seem quite right, back away from it as soon as you can, because it is just that "not quite right". Keep safe, Liam.