Sunday 18 May 2014


Giving my bike a thorough service and makeover. Repaired indicator, thoroughly clean chain, new chain guard, reinforced basket, new water carrying system, new battery, repaired spokes, added fuel filter, cleaned air filter. Checking out these new bad ass off road tyres fit and my inner tubes are up for them and oh yeah, cutting my seat in half! :-)


  1. Hi Liam,
    The new engine looks to be a Honda Wave 110cc copy, more power than the little 90 (86cc) I imagine! Nice.
    Still in Ghana? Any progress on the passport issue?


  2. Oh that's good. I've been talking a lot about Chinese copy engines (even before I had to get one) and the general consensus is that they are pretty much of the same quality as the old Japanese ones's now. Some people have even said they're better. I've talked to some mechanics out here about these engines and they say they are pretty much the same... it's the body work on Chinese bikes that have the faults... shaking to bits etc. I think in the beginning when they first started to copy engines and the like they were pretty dire, hence the bad reputation. But this is the same thing that Mr Honda did when he first started manufacturing. I am really impressed with this engine so far, it's running perfect! And having four gears is great!

    And no, no news on my passport yet. It's taking a very long time. I think customs are getting quite sick of me turning up to their offices... 'extension please!'

    Can't wait to get going again! I've spent my time here modifying the bike. Pretty hyped to see how it fares later down the line in the jungle roads... if I ever get going again!