Thursday 29 May 2014


With all this time on my hands as the government gets its arse in gear and give me my bastard passport, I decided to weigh everything today.

All my gear, that's contained in all of... a bag in the front basket, one bicycle bar bag, two pannier bags, one big waterproof sack on the back and a top box comes to around 33 kg. That's my tent, sleeping bag, mat etc, electronics, spares, cooking equipment and everything I need to live and keep me sane basically.

A dry Honda c90 weighs 85 kg. For arguments sake I'm going to say my bike weighs 90 kg now; bigger engine, takes one litre of oil which is one kg, and taking into account the basket added racks and top box.

I like to carry five litres of water with me, which fluctuates greatly during the day and I also have two five litre jerry cans. I've only had to fill up both of them once, and that was when I was going through the desert. I expect I'll need both of them full for the remote jungle regions too. But I do like to have one of them full, plus say three litres in my tank.... so that's a fluctuating 13 kg during the day - with a maximum of 18 kg in remote areas.

I myself hover around the grand total of 60 kg. Yes, I'm only a little man... so combined;

33 kg equipment,
90 kg bike,
13-18 kg of fuel and water,                    
60 kg of Englishman.

There's also food, but I don't carry a lot... some dry emergency food which doesn't weigh a lot really, and I may put 2 kg of fruit into my bags towards the end of the day for night time eating.

All of this gives a grand total of... a fluctuation of around 190 to 202 kg. That's quite heavy! Still, a dry BMW GS tourer will weigh around 250 kg with no gear or rider. And it doesn't look too loaded now I've feng suid all my stuff around.  

Get me back on the road soon!!

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