Saturday 10 May 2014


My masterpiece at my old job... 

It's been eight months that I've been on the road now and, subsequently the longest time that I've been out of work or study. In a way being on the road is a lot like a full time job. Wake up, have coffee and breakfast, pack up and set off, spend a lot of time on the bike, thinking, pondering, find some type of new food to try, meet some new and interesting people, see some new sights that make you glad you're alive, discover something new about yourself, make some new life assumptions and/or plans, find a place to sleep, set up tent, make food, watch sky until the stars come out (If the insects permit!), crawl into tent and read book, sleep and dream of home... wake up and do it all again! I am yet to get bored of this line of work yet though!

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