Thursday 19 June 2014


I crossed over into Togo yesterday at an extremely out of the way border in the mountains on an unmarked road on my map. I always chose the smallest border I can get to as they're generally issue free, especially considering, A - I'm travelling without a Carnet and B - I was crossing the border with a forged import permit. Immigration looked at my passport like they've never seen a white guy before and custos didn't want to even see my permit - he really couldn't be arsed, it would interrupt his sitting. The huge, inflated immigration woman tried it on and insisted I buy her lunch... I literally had no money and food -not that I would have anyway. Togo side were nice as can be.

It's nice to be back in a Francophone country again. Better food, more polite people and better driving (the driving is still shit!) I've felt the wrath of the rainy season on the way here, with roads being washed away and turning into rivers. I had to stop riding and take refuge under a shack roof the rain was so bad at one point. I managed to half dry my things sleeping on an Auberge rooftop last ight. I'm at a campsite now just 15 km outside of the capital, Lome. I'll stay here for a few days while I sort out my Congo visas and residence permit.

It's good to be on the move again!

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