Monday 23 June 2014


"You need to have gotten your visa from your home country" (ie, your country of residence) say the border guards of the Democratic Republic of the Congo... 'apparently.' So with Togo been one of the easiest places to get the DRC visa on route I thought it would be best to get a residence permit to go with. Just turn up at the police station, pay a little money and voila, I'm a Togolese resident for six months. Don't be giving me any racist shit now ay, or I'll get my boyz innit.

Here's a tip, Africa; why not relax your regulations a bit and stop making it a complete pain in the arse for tourists to travel through your countries, who obviously bring with them their foreign currency. Seriously, by the end of this I'd have acquired a library full of permits, visas, passavants, insurances and a huge array of other inane documents that nobody gives a fuck about anyway at the borders, but you're inclined to get them anyway just incase - don't want to be trapped in the bribe bucket.

Open borders.... Bring on South America! 


  1. I see you got yourself a nice beachside residence :-)
    Why did you become a Togolese resident?

  2. I need to have to obtained my visa for the Democratic Republic of the Congo in my home country... or in my country of residence; hence the residents permit. I know of a few people who've been turned away from the border even though they had a visa... but they wasn't issued in their home country. I'm not staying in Togo if that's what you're asking!? I should be in Benin next week. I should also be able to finish off that Q&A for you whilst I'm here too.