Thursday 3 July 2014


Well here's one to take off the list; Malaria. Synopsis - It's not very nice! I started with symptoms last night... a little headache which has turned into a complete bastard at the back of my head now. Can't keep any food down. Shivers in 30c heat. Malaria haze dreams when I sink down. Every movement hurts and requires a lot of effort. I suppose it had to come at some point...

I'm taking medication for it, eight tablets a day in total for three days. hopefully that will be it as I've got to ride half way up the country and into Nigeria by the twelfth - that's when my visa expires...

At this moment in time I don't care much.


  1. Hang on in there man , JOe x

    1. I'm holding in. I always wondered what Malaria felt like; Painful!

      It was bound to happen. Would have had a shred of disappointment if I got through Africa without experiencing it. It's one to tick off the masochistic pain list!