Friday 15 August 2014


The photo's of Cameroon are up in the gallery...

I forgot to mention in my last post... I crossed the equator getting here! I think it was four days ago now. That's from Northern Europe to the Southern Hemisphere! This makes me very happy! As for Brazzaville; I think this is the cleanest, most modern looking African capital I've been to so far. Well, this part of the city I'm in anyway. And the people are great. I'm spending days here until my forgery extended moto insurance runs out (17th), getting the bike ready for DRC. Done the wheels today; checked bearings, greased things up and changed a spoke... that's the third one so far! The moto market area opens tomorrow so I'll go there and get spares and some more tools for most eventualities. This full chain and sprocket set that I bought in Nigeria for £5 has got me here fine and still looks in great condition... but because of the price and where it came from it doesn't hold my full trust... and I really don't want to be stranded in DRC!

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