Monday 4 August 2014


Here's the map I've been using to date... a map that is now finished! So that's one map down and one more to do. I've drawn a line of every road that I've traveled on through West Africa. It's like a black river of memory.

I'm leaving this church tomorrow. It's very nice of them to have let me stay but I'm fucking sick of these bastard god children and their constant fucking noise. There's like three schools here and all day every day, singing, banging, screaming, drumming, more screaming, banging and shouting and screaming. No one will leave me alone... I can't even piss in peace. And just to make a point.... praying to stop mosquitos to stop biting your child is going to do nothing... buy a fucking net and some cream. JESUS!


  1. can no longer take an interest or make any donations after enduring all the 'f' are on your own

    1. Ha ha fair play. Must be a hard walk through life if you're that easily offended, no? Or maybe it's the religious slagging? In my opinion I find swear words can be well suited and have their propper place. Bad grammer on the other hand...

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    3. Also, I have no idea who you are... I think I was on my own before you 'left'. Anyway, it's a shame to lose a reader. I'll still keep on swearing when I think it's necessary though.

  2. Especially in this case each and every 'f' word is desperatly needed! What religious people are doing in Africa is unbelievable for non-believers: Theft, corruption and exorcism (wittnessed it in Yaoundé) are only some of the atrocities that are commonplace in Christian Africa. Self-proclaimed 'Apostles' live in palaces and drive around in fancy SUVs. All paid for by the poor (but rich in faith!). Missionaries enjoy the comforts of electricity, running water, satellite TV and two meat dishes per day while the people just next door live in agony. In Sao Domingos (Guinea Bissau) the richest man in town lives in a beautiful home right by the water. Guess what he does for a living! He's selling bibles. For half a month's wage! A bloody book for half a month's work! And every Sunday he's doing his little marketing show in the church telling the poor, uneducated people that they can only go to heaven if they own a bible (one of his bibles that is).
    Every single fucking 'f' word is more than fucking suitable to describe this sick and greedy system. Probably you didn't know about all those things; otherwise I could not possibly understand how you can be offended by Liam's honest words.

    You're far from being "on your own", Liam. Whoever travelled in Africa knows that you're right. And if people really accept this religious madness and are offended by your criticism, maybe you're better off without them :) Keep up the brilliant updates and journals. It's highly entertaining, honest and informative! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Well thank fuck for that, someone appreciates my fucking blog! Thank you, friend :-)