Wednesday 22 July 2015

Liam and c90 around the world is no more! It's just the name mind, I'm still travelling. I just have a new bike.
 I came to the decision to abandon the idea of travelling on a Honda c90 a while back. If you followed my journey into Africa, you'd know that my bike broke down, then it broke down again, and again, and again. Then it broke down again, I went a bit mental. And then it broke down again. The course of all that wasn't really much fun, and it did take quite a lot of enjoyment out of the whole experience. I'd still do it all again in a heartbeat... I'd just leave again with a different vehicle.

I did still hold onto the idea of travelling on a c90 after I returned home. I actually ended up buying another one. But after it broke down on me after only a hundred miles it drew the final straw.

I'm sure that Honda c90's do deserve their reputation as been one of the most reliable bikes made. They have to with so many people singing their praises. But from my experience, I don't want one between my legs with myself wavering in doubt, wondering when it will die as I try and explore the world.
 There were many reasons why I chose one in the first place. With 60 million sold worldwide they are certainly the easiest vehicle to repair in most countries. They were also cheap, good on petrol, and slow. But from what I learned on my journey into Africa is that most smaller bikes can be fixed anywhere at a push, and there are definitely some more suitable bikes to travel on out there are are actually cheaper. That's another reason for the change; Honda c90's just aren't that cheap anymore. For me, it was just a method to travel cheaply and reliably, nothing more. That all changed. Enter the Honda cg125!

 A good few weeks ago I caught an overnight bus from Leeds to Inverness, Scotland and met my new travel bike. I bought it second hand off a lovely lady with only 675 miles on the clock, at a cost where you'd be hard pressed to find a c90 with less that 30,000 miles on it.

I'm confident it was the right decision. The same criteria applies; it is produced worldwide so spares are easily accessible, it's cheap to run with mpg equaling the c90, people praise its reliability... and it's pretty slow by nature so I can still tootle around taking in the scenery.

It was nice been back out on the road again, if only for a little bit, spending the five day transit with my tent on my back, sleeping wild again and getting to know my new bike.
 I have some other news regarding my next departure, which has somewhat changed quite drastically. I'll post the details one I get some maps together.

Cheers, Liam and another bike.


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  2. All the best for your new quest and safe tripping.

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to zooming through the tropics again.

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