Tuesday 20 December 2016

Off-road riding, bullets, land mines, war tunnels and bats.

We're in Ninh Binh now, and I THINK we have finally escaped the rain *clothes are in the launderette getting the mold washed off them*. My foot is slowly healing. Not sure if the stitches are the type that absorb or not. They're definitely not made out of wire and are quite flimsy so I will try and take them out within the next few days anyway. Our passports have now safely arrived in the post with the visa extensions too, so it's onwards and upwards from here.

There's been a lot of stories over the past weeks, but seeing how I'm backlogged with this blog, here is another video that Marc made of our off-road escapades (before the injured foot), finding old war relics and exploring underground tunnels made by the Vietnamese to escape the American bombs. Marc has a very manly reaction to a bat. Enjoy!

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