Wednesday 8 February 2017

4000 Islands.

I've managed to make it to 4000 Islands. My bike has done me proud. It's a very beautiful place here, and was surprisingly easy to find a boat to take me from the mainland to Don Det. I have the pesky fact that my Laotian visa expires in three days, and maybe being on an island isn't the best place to sort that out, but I'm sure it will all be fine in the end and tomorrow is the day for thinking about it - today is for relaxing.
 Here are some photo's from the longest stretch in the shortest time on this trip; Vang Vieng to 4000 Islands - 950 km in 4.5 days.

The roads I've ridden on over the past five days really are identical to many in West Africa; Buddhist temples aside.

 Two lizards kissing as my bike and I took refuge in some roadside shack.

A view from one of the guesthouses en route.

The standard mess I inflict upon every room I stay in.

Whilst I was taking a break under a tree I realised that a hive of ants had literally took it over. Here they are dragging a massive insect up the trunk. It wasn't long before they started to crawl up my legs.

Another great view by the bed. Laos seems to have a charming habit of providing these.

I couldn't wish for a better spark plug. Since Hanoi this bike has worked perfectly (electrics aside). Long may it continue!

Shade, toilet break and a chance for the engine to cool. Didn't want to waste water, but it felt a little disrespecting to the engine, if you know what I mean...

Little boat to 4000 Islands; two pirogues with a row of planks holding them together.  

Last photo with the guys in Vang Vieng. I wish you all the best in whatever happens in each of your lives.

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