Sunday 5 February 2017

I'm currently racing towards 4000 islands; a place which shares its border with Cambodia along the Mekong River. My visa for Laos expires on the 11th, and from Vang Vieng to 4000 islands is around 940 km, and by far the greatest distance in the shortest amount of time that I've travelled, on this trip anyway. I then have to get my bike over into Cambodia, one way or another (it will definitely have to be 'the other' - I'll explain in my next post.
 The temperature now that I am in the lower lands is the hottest that I've ridden my bike whilst I've been on this trip, and factored with the distance I need to cover, I really have to keep my mind on the temperature of the engine. I found some really good oil today, but it still started to overheat after riding smoothly for two hours after the change - so I'm going to have to change my riding schedule; mornings and evenings.
 I have a really nice idea for a blog post that's been skirting through my head for the past two days, one that I'm surprised that I haven't written before. Although certain events have thrust all the idea's into light (I am now riding alone), so this new schedule may prove fruitful in actually getting that written, as after a days ride, my mind is finished with thinking. Yet taking a break and drinking coffee through the hot mid-day hours will give me the advantage of having time when my brain's still in gear.
 Either way, you'll probably hear from me once I'm at 4000 islands. Two days... hopefully.

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