Tuesday 21 March 2017

Circumnavigating Indochina on a little Chinese 110cc bike.

So here we are. I'm back when I started. Around 8500 km's over four and a half months through three amazing countries. There's been lots of laughs, lots of realisations, a few scary moments, a few times which put life into perspective, and personally, a few physical scars. All I can say is that this trip has been amazing. It's my third long-distance travel experience, and it's unfair to compare them to each other as they're all so different, but this one has been fantastic.And I'm absolutely shocked about how well my bike has performed throughout the whole trip.

It was kind of weird and a little bit sad to ride my bike to where I began my journey - I am very sentimental. But I've passed it on to a nice guy and I'm excited for him about the journey he's going to do through Vietnam. It's sad to see the bike go. It's been very good to me and I feel attached to it. But all things must end. I've passed the baton. 

Anyhow, here is a gallery of my personal favourite photo's from the entire trip. I hope you enjoy them... I loved living them.

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