Saturday 11 March 2017

Koh Samui

After a taxi, a plane, a coach and a boat, I finally managed to make it to Koh Samui. Will met me at the port; I think he was unsure about sharing a flight with me due to my 'misadventurous' tendencies.  

Koh Samui is a beautiful island, so here is a short photo journal from over the past two days here.

During dinner on our first night, a family set up a 'fire show' on the beach. It was really impressive... I was quite jealous actually. I might have to give it a go one day...

Breakfast at the resort, with views straight out of a brochure. I'm not used to this life!

The giant, golden Buddha. Most impressive.

If you ring the bell you supposedly get 'good luck', so I punched it...

As someone who would refer to themselves as an explicit atheist; I still really do appreciate the craftsmanship and aesthetic qualities of all things made out of devotion to religion. 

When countries boom quickly, it seems that there isn't time to build underground power cables...

This couple were teaching their cats to swim... It's not uncommon to see people with cats on leads here, and the cat really didn't seem to mind. I suppose when you live on an island that is prone to flooding, getting you cats comfortable with water is for their best interests.

A very Asian sight.

The night market of the fisherman's village...

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