Friday 28 July 2017

 Again... sorry for the vast spaces in between updates. One reason for this is that we've both been extremely busy, and there isn't much down time. I think this is the farthest distance I've covered in the shortest time. Usually I like to take a break for a while between the distances, but here, mainly due to the encroaching seasons, there isn't much time.
 Another reason, and I think the main one too, is that my poor little netbook is now on it's last legs and it's now become nothing short than a complete ball ache to try and get anything done on it. To give it its credit it has been slumped in the back of my bags for around 20,000 miles of overland travel, over mountains, deserts, through jungles, freezing temperatures, searing heat, monsoons, numerous crashes off-road where it's taken the full weight of the bike and one trip into the Congo River (in a waterproof bag that had a hole eaten into it by ants) so it hasn't done bad. It does need retiring. It's definitely time to invest in a decent tablet and/or a phone with a good camera. Trying to work with this just isn't feasible. Nevertheless, here's a collection of some of the best photo's from the remaining weeks in France.

Shoes packed away in humid forest, so it's boots with pants. Camp or a little bit Scottish with the kilt boxers?

This is a place we stayed at for two days which came with its very own table by the river.

The little town center with possibly the best surprise museum I could think of.

I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to ancient history, and this is an actual cast of Lucy, the famous Austrilopithecus fossil unearthed in Ethiopia in 1974. It's named after the song 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds' as the archaeologists were listening to it as they were examining her. It was like seeing a famous person. 

Homo Erectus, the species before Homo Sapiens (us).

Megafauna of the deer kind.

Reconstructions of Neaderthals. That's Neander Tals by the way. Don't pronounce the H. And we're not decendants from them, we lived at the same time for thousands of years in Europe. In fact, most Europeans have between 1% and 4% Neanderthal DNA in them. The only pure  humans tend to be Africans. There you go white supremacists.

Smiling like you're in a museum brochure. 

Neolithic Dad

Fuck the baby.

Early hominids make me feel like dancing.

In today's 'Joe's moments of wonder', "why is the floor so shiny?"

Joe sometimes like to sing by windows. It makes people uncomfortable.

Joe sometimes like to put shoes on his hands and walk down the streets on them shouting "Brexit, brexit, brexit!"

Filling up our petrol canister on our stove. Goes hand in hand.

Gourmet cooking with that homeless chic appeal.

Bikes need love.

We stayed with Marion in Agen, a friend I met in Vietnam.

Lots of cheese. After years of not understanding it, maybe after France I finally do.

In today's 'Joe's moments of wonder', "why does the electricity not fall out of the bottom of it's going up the wire?"

Joe wears the naughty bow.

30 degree heat in full gear is fun.

Our roasting beach camp near Montpillier. This is where the tick met my balls.

Geeking it up round too. This bin stands in front of where the yellow house used to stand, the place where Van Gough (pronounced Van Gokh (this is why he signed his paintings 'Vincent', because people couldn't pronounce his name) lived for eight weeks with Gouguin. In that amount of time their collected work is worth around 1.5 billion pounds today. It's here where he supposedly cut part of his ear off, and then eventually shot himself in his chest, dying three days later at the age of 37. What a place to put a bin to commemorate him.
The house was partially destroyed by the allies in WW2 by the way.  

A lake that we stayed at for two days.

I lived at number 88, shackton.

Red wine seems to be the theme of this trip. I left a note in the bottle. It read something like 'Brexit boys love the wine. France is okay.' And then Joe's email address. Poignant.

A (I think) Roman aqueduct. I'm currently in Zadar, Croatia and there's lots of Roman architecture here. I'll get round to posting further pictures about it all eventually.

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