Thursday 10 October 2013


I'm one month into the journey today. Just over 2000 miles, and the people from the beginning have now started to form into a distant memory, and the journey itself is now becoming a linear path of experiences. I'm delayed for the time being though, I planned to be in Portugal tomorrow but I have to stay here in Ciudad Real. Miguel and his lovely family have kindly let me stay as I sort out my Senegal visa. I can actually pick up the biometric part of the visa in Madrid, which is quite lucky as I'm only a few hundred miles away. All the initial forms have been sent off and I'm now just waiting for the last conformation. I hope it works as I had to con the proof of arrival and departure flights and also my accommodation; I'm arriving by motorcycle and staying in peoples homes! I hope these print screen 'reservations' work.


  1. hope we don't count as people from the beginning mate ;) bray x

  2. No no, you guys aren't a distant memory. I keep dreaming of home. I have a bout five dreams about home each night. Its strange. Me, you, Chris and Nichols hitch hiked to China in one!