Wednesday 9 October 2013


I'm experiencing the first bureaucratic headache of the trip so far. Only recently the visa regulations for entering Senegal have changed. Before I didn't need a visa but now I do. It looks like I can apply online for the first part but I need to pick up the visa in person as, when its issued its biometric, which means they have to take my finger prints. But, only very few embassies are able to issue a biometric visa and most of these are in Northern Europe. The Senegalese embassy in the UK doesn't issue them yet. I thought I might be able to apply and collect mine in Rabat or Nouakchott, but those embassies only deal with people from Morocco or Mauritania.I may be able to confirm I have bought/been accepted for the visa and possibly pick up the visa on one of the land borders with Mauritania, but only one may be able to do this; Rosso. I've been advised against attempting to cross the land border of Rosso due the high level of corruption and hassle. A way round this would be to go through Mali instead, but I don't want to really have to do that at this time. Do they not want any tourist trade in this country!?
 Maybe I shouldn't be thinking about all this now due to the foreboding sense of doom that accompanies any great hangover. We got pulled up by five police cars at 3:30 this morning after pushing me round the streets of Ciudad Real in a babies pram. Free booze, just too much free booze. Sigh.     

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  1. Since when did free booze become a hassle. Man up Liam, Lol. Glad gloves stood up.
    (PS impending doom accompanies hangovers, I know this because I'm a practising follower and have been for 34 years !!!).