Friday 25 October 2013


Some options are on the table. I'm not going to get my hopes up again just yet though.


  1. PPS on e bay complete 1mm oversize piston kit for Honda C90 £14 (currently) that's piston, gudgeon pin,rings and circlips.

  2. HI liam....Not good news about the engine....If i can be of any help let me know...I have been looking about not only on e bay but other places i know of to see what is it happens i am flying out to spain in 2 weeks on 08 Nov...flying down to malaga for a long weekend...not sure how far that is away from you as i dont know your current location... if you get back to me asap and i will see if i can source an engine a hopefully sort out bringing over (will have to contact the airline to see what it would cost etc as freight)
    will check your blog daily for the next day or so....cliff

  3. Hi Liam, this is Chevi (Miguel's brother), don't give up man! I know is being hard to get the motorbike fixed but the thing you are planning to do is amazing! I liked it when Miguel first told me about it and I will be following you ;)

    I hope you can leave my city soon hahaha

    Regards, Chevi.

  4. Hi Liam, this is Angela (Chevi's friend in Bournemouth)

    Your trip sounds inspirational and I'm wishing you well. Africa will be incredible.

    Good Luck!