Tuesday 29 October 2013


I have spares on the way. I'm not going to breath a sigh of relief though until I'm riding down a highway nearly getting sucked under trucks wheels with an uncountable amount of flies in my eyes... then I will be relived and happy.


  1. Liam, stick with it mate, there are more people following your progress than you realise! All of us dreaming and wishing it were us waiting for spares! Don't loose faith in the old cub, I have exactly the same model and would readily embark on the same journey. 60 plus million of these bikes sold, you just need to treat it like your girlfriend........
    Keep your pecker up, there are worse troubles you could be fighting. If you get all the way around I'll buy you your first beer when you arrive back in the UK.
    A. Tight-Yorkshireman (.)(.)

  2. Liam..........you purist knob head...........who cares what engine your bike has..........the idea is to travel the world ...........not to travel on an original C90 ........when you get to Africa you may have to swap the engine for one that runs on camel droppings ....Your ex neighbour Martin............P.S. JUST KEEP GOING FORWARDS.............

  3. That's good news and sounds a damn sight cheaper than 450 shekels. Good luck.

  4. Well... it was a case of finding parts that I didn't have to ship from Japan or the USA that was the issue. The parts should arrive today however. And then a slow wobble down to Tarifa and then Morocco!
    And thanks, I look forward to that beer, Tight Yorkshireman. A nice golden ale... A long way off from now though!

  5. Hi Liam, This is Bob. I had the big black Honda parked behind you on the Ferry! I also named your bike 'Triggers Broom'. It does not matter what engine you put in the bike, as long as it gets you to where you want to go. Now you know what I mean about 'Triggers Broom', same bike just lots of changed parts...............just keep going mate. I have already broadcast your journey to people in the USA, for when you get there in the future. There are lots of us with you.Good luck.