Tuesday 12 November 2013

Statistics; Europe.

Date started: 10/09/13

Date ended: 11/11/13

Countries travelled through: England, France, Andorra and Spain.

Total number of miles covered: 2582.

Total cost in fuel: £109.20

Vehicles travelled in: 5 Boats, 11 Cars, 1 Van, 3 bicycles, 5 Tube trains, 1 Bus... A babies pram. And my little 90!

Nights spent in tent: 3

Nights spent outside without a tent: 2

Nights spent on a boat: 1

Nights spent in peoples homes: 56

Nights spent in paid accommodation: 0

Highest temperature: 25c

Lowest temperature: 6c

Strangest food eaten: Fried pigs ear. Roasted Lamb tongue. Snail Paella. Lambs brain, eaten with a fork, directly from the skull cavity from a head that was severed in half between the eyes.

Favourite foods: Fresh mackerel and squid that me Stephane and Brendan caught from the sea in France. The BBQ we went to in Cameret... shame about the Neo Nazi's though. Seafood Paella at Miguel's families country house. Miguel's Mum's cooking... this was by far the best despite the oddities. Thank you very much! The free Tapa that comes with beer in Spain.

The best times: Sea fishing with Stephane and Brendan and drinking wheat beer in Northern France. Being chased by a Bull in La Vall D'Uxio. Meeting and making friends with all the brilliant people through Couch Surfing, especially Miguel and his family, one month! Thanks guys. Swimming in lakes and waterfalls in Spain. Riding over Andorra. The feeling of traversing countries on my own two wheels. Realising that this is very doable.

The worst times: The night before and the few hours before I left home. (that was the hardest thing I have ever done.) Losing Aminata's friends dog in Nantes. Breaking my bike!! Realising that I've left my girlfriend at home, every hour of every day.

Scariest times: Seeing torches come towards me at 02:00 when I was camping alone in a forest in France. Falling off the bike in the rain on the road. A man nearly ploughing into my leg on a roundabout (I could hear his passenger lady screaming from inside the car.) Waking up to the sound of gunshots on a mountain in Spain.

Best beer: The wheat beer of Northern France.

Worst beer: The very cheap, supermarket own brand beer in Spain. But at 1 Euro a litre you can't complain.

What I wished I brought from home the most: Girlfriend.

Things I miss the most from home: Girlfriend, family and friends. English pale Ale... not much else!

Illness's: Nothing apart from a cold and minor bowl issues.

What I'm looking forward to the most at present: Crossing the Sahara.

What I fear the most: Quite a lot of things about Sub Saharan Africa.

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