Tuesday 12 November 2013


I arrived in Morocco yesterday. I took the one and a half ferry from Algeciras to Tanger Med. All the horror stories about Moroccan customs aside, it was remarkably easy to get through... even though I don't have motor insurance. Nobody bothered to check. One man asked for a bribe after my paper work was filled out.

'Now, do you have something for me?'


'5 Euro.'


'2 Euro.'



'That's right.'

I'm staying in a mountain town called Chefchaouen for a few days. Its beautiful here. It took a lot longer to ride the 100 miles here than usual... very slow even for the 90. I didn't realise just how mountainous Morocco is. I ended up having to ride for an hour in the dark over mountain passes, dodging goats, donkeys and hoards of screaming children that would run after me. This place reminds me quite a lot of India, especially the Himalya. Its also similar to being on another planet from Star Wars, certainly when you see the Berber people. George Lucas must have based Jedi's on the Berber people. Magical place.

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  1. Hi mate, I am the guy you meet in Algeciras border with a BMW r100gs. I am in El Jadida now, in the Atlantic coast. Maybe we can meet because I plan to thavel to Agadir and then go north trough the montains. I also want to be in Chefchaouen in 1 or 2 weeks, for how long are you be there? This is my email lsanchisg@gmail.com .....hug