Sunday 15 December 2013

I have a confession...

I have a confession... two days ago whilst I was having dinner with Henk and Peter, the two Dutch guys who saved my birthday with a barrel of wine (they also bought me the dinner), Peter offered me a lift to Nouakchott. He's been towing a caravan and said that he wouldn't mind if we put little 90 in it. I felt it was a good idea instantly and said yes. It wasn't the supposed 'danger' of the road that made up my mind, rather the escape from solitude, as riding alone in the desert has made up most of my days for the past two weeks. Why ride alone for three days when I could experience the pleasure of been driven, looking out of the window and spending time with good people and friends?
 The decision to take the lift has been proved to be the right one further more as when we got to the Augerge last night I saw two Vespas parked up next to a huge KTM 650. The Vespas belong to two Greek guys who are aiming to get around the world on them. Whilst I was explaining that I have a Honda C90 in the caravan that we'd just rolled up in the owner of the KTM, Estanban, says 'are you Liam?' We'd been in
touch on some internet forums in the past. Apparently I look younger in real life. The internet can make the World a small place. The World is far from small though.
 I'm very happy to say also that Stergios and Thanos have invited me to travel with them through Africa for the foreseeable future. There were some terms and conditions... 'you do know that we travel very slow though?' and 'we also leave very cheaply.' Perfect!

I'm staying at Auberge du Sahara in a tent on the roof with a mosquito net. This place has a kitchen to be used by everyone, many showers, has wifi, is full of overlanders and works out at about £4.50 a night! Were going to stay here for a few days whilst we sort out the visas and paperwork for the next coming countries. The route through West Africa has changed slightly due to security concerns but I'll go over that in my next journal which should be finished soon. Happy days!


  1. Thats ace liam. Monday nite in fleece seems dull compared to your adventures. Kev

  2. Cheers Kev. I actually had a dream about that place the other other. I think a pint of Kirkstall pale will be well earned when I get back! You know those waterproofs have saved me many times. Even in the Sahara! The Airhawk also doubles up as a pretty decent pillow. Cheers!