Wednesday 15 January 2014


Back to the mechanic again today. My engine cut out six times on the way here from St Louis. The bike is still running so I can actually ride to the mechanic this time which makes a change! There's no pattern with when the engine cuts out; it can do 10 miles into the day or 120, and some days it runs through without stopping at all. It is very dangerous though. If it cut out with a bus or lorry tailing me then I would definitely be a dead man. I've been talking with guys from the C90Club website and they've given me a lot of advice on what the problem may be, and its looking the the engine will have to be taken apart. Its also possible that the engine may have been damaged with each time it stopped. So back to the mechanic it is!

A letter I've written in French explaining all the issues I've had with bike, all the attempted repairs and possible current problems. I've been toying with the idea of writing a book when I get back to England, but it looks like I'm well on the way to writing another one, called 'How to completely ruin a Honda C90.' A work in progress.  


  1. Ceux qui écrivent des lettres en français doit être envoyé à la guillotine toot sweet sacré bleu et ils ne l'aiment pas de leur capitaine mainwairing (Keep changing the oil!!!!)

    1. To the guilotine! Bit rash! And it certainly isn't an issue with me changing the oil this time, I assure you.