Friday 17 January 2014


I have my bike back from the mechanics. Another new piston and cylinder rebore. I'm not convinced that the original problem has been rectified. It was hard work with the mechanics with the language barriers. Still, it was quite a good day yesterday, been driven around town on the back of local bikes finding parts, bartering and solving problems amongst cauldrons of boiling intestines in the urban sprawl. It was however, not fun watching the mechanics working on my bike. It was similar to watching an animal being butchered. I'm going to test ride it around the city over the next few days and if it still seizes I'm going to have to seriously consider sacking this engine in and bolting on one of the many Chinese motorcycle copy engines. I really don't trust this bike any more and its really not fun to have that at the back of my mind constantly.


  1. Putting the ding in your wallet asside. Those 110cc chinese (lifan/loncin/jinlun etc) engines are more reliable than people give them credit for so no bad thing really. Just require servicing (oil/plug/filters) a bit more often. Gan canny, Biker Bob

  2. Hi Liam, don't know if you caught my comment on an older post. It's good that you are changing the oil really frequently, but if there's a problem with your filters then that new oil wont stay pure for very long at all. I'm assuming you've checked and replaced your air filter, but have you checked your fuel filter? Fuel purity will be far less regulated down that than it is here in Europe, and I wonder if your petrol could be carrying particulate dust into the engine? If it is, it should explain the amazing wear on the engine.

  3. Hello. Yeah sorry, I've been meaning to get back to you but I've been having major problems with my bike since and its taken up a lot of my time and energy. The piston I had replaced in St Louis was put into my bike in Spain, but it was old and really wasn't in a good condition. The compression faded and faded until I had to put in a new one. My filters have been cleaned and they were okay, I just think that that piston was in a bad shape to begin with. Its a shame it was hard to find a good replacement at the time. Yet since I've had the new one put in the engine has seized around seven times causing damage to the new piston and the cylinder which was also rebored. I've just had another piston put in and another rebore but the bike is now in a much worse state than when I took it to the mechanic. Whit smoke is coming out of the exhaust, oil is leaking out of my cylinder and its cutting out every time I come to a stop. I've been talking a lot with people from the and they think that there is a problem which is further inside the engine which is causing an issue. I can't seem to get this across to any mechanics here; the language barriers and their inability to read is making it impossible. I think it may be time to forget this engine and have a new one bolted on. I'm coming to my wits end with having problems with this all the time and just want a fresh start. There are engines here that I can readily find to replace it with... its just finding a mechanic that won't completely butcher my bike in the process which is proving difficult. It will be a Chinese 110cc semi auto Power KTM ( Kings Town TiaMa )

    Thanks for getting in touch and sorry for not getting back.


  4. Hi Liam!! We are Kristin and Yamila from Mallorca, We met you in Gandiol at Christines and Svens place; We send you all the energies to continue with the adventure! good luck!!