Tuesday 28 January 2014


I'm leaving Bamako and the Sleeping Camel today. Not looking forward to the ride out of the capital through the condensed sprawl of manic motorcycles through the narrow, potholed tracks, but it should only take me around an hour. Then its back into the wild and making my way to Burkina Faso. Going to follow the Niger river up North to Mopti, then descend South into Burkina, eventually reaching Ouagadougou. Phonetically that's Wah-gah-doo-goo, yeahhh.

I'm looking forward to leaving this thing behind though. Matt, the guy who runs the Sleeping Camel has four rabbits which are free to run around the site. This little thing has been terrorising me the entire time. Sneaking into my tent porch most mornings, stealing my food and trying to dig a hole in my porch, covering everything in dust. In the daytime he just follows me about, staring at me. Look at his evil little face. Little bastard.

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