Wednesday 5 February 2014


I reached Ouagadougou yesterday after an eight day ride to get here from Bamako. On entering Burkina Faso its very evident that this is ranked as the third poorest country on Earth. Immediately after the border it became an unfortunately common sight to see children with swollen stomachs from lack of food. I'm also being mobbed on the streets more often with people trying to sell me things. Some sad sights. I got ill on the way here too. Maybe Burkina food, tap water or attempting to drink direct from a waterfall - my bowels did there best to replicate said cascade. Two days later I'm back on form! The folly of invincible youth.
 Its visa time again and then I want to get out of the city as fast as possible. I'm not a fan of these chaotic, dirty, sprawls any more. I think I preferred  Mali. Its hard to think well of a country when on one of the first days of riding on its roads a man driving a car purposely tries to drive you off the road and clips your saddle bag. This happened yesterday. Another common thing to happen here is for someone to start to overtake a line of lorries when you're coming the other way and then just drive at you flashing their lights until you career off the road to avoid a collision. Animals.

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