Monday 10 February 2014


There's nothing like walking into an air conditioned, sterile, upper class supermarket to make you realise just how much collective odour you're carrying around with you. In the Worlds third poorest country where most of its citizens live on less that £3 a day you can buy a kilo of grapes for £17, a kilo of cheese for £80 and much to my despair a box of three ice creams for £7.50. Cue walking around staring in disbelievement at all the unaffordable Western food and return to the dirt outside where I belong.

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  1. liam what a fantastic adventure following you with keen interest, ridden motorcycles for over 40 years across most ofeurope but never anything on this scale . will have to wait now till retired aand kids gone !!! have a brilliant time will try and keep poping on here to see progress god speed and happiness