Saturday 8 February 2014


My faith of the people of Ouagadougou was restored today by a Ouagadougean man (I'm not sure if that term exists) who helped me find a new air filter. He was very odd, had innumerable, interchanging facial expressions, would frequently burst into fits of shouting, practically roundhouse kicked me in the face getting off his bike and would speed up when it came to speed bumps. I'm sure he just wanted to here me scream. He was by far one of the most eccentric people I've met so far... and one of my favourites. Three hours of constant amusement. We trudged around all afternoon through the city and maze like markets filled with piles of old bikes, engines, seemingly everything. Just not a paper air filter for a Honda c90. In the very last shop we were going to go into they had one. At the end of it all he didn't want any money, only a litre of petrol. He just said 'God bless' shook my had and sped away. Amazing.  

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