Friday 14 March 2014


It took three hours of arguing but I've finally managed to get all the money back from the Benin embassy for the costs of my emergency passport and lost visas. Its not been the most civil of days. The consulate is a mammoth of a man who could get impressively irate; pounding the table with his fists, throwing his papers at the wall and throwing his arms up to his God. I only raised a finger! Still, I have all the money now, which is still quite decent of them as I didn't have any proof of what visas were in my passport at the end of the day. Monday begins reapplying for everything... and then I can LEAVE!


  1. Liam, learn to appreciate drama and a good facade. ;D

  2. keep it liam this things are they to make us stronger !!! bloody bullshit , looking forward to more updates buddy