Wednesday 4 June 2014


Well that was quick... my box containing my passport has arrived in Ghana even though it was only collected on Monday afternoon. Thanks DHL! Now it's just a matter of it getting through customs. With the US embassy delivery address on it, it can either be posted directly there or if customs deem it fit, I would have to go to the airport and pay duty tax. Either way, may passport is now in the country! Will, however decided to bring it to my attention that on average one in ten parcels have something stolen from customs here in Ghana. There was an incident in 2008 where twelve laptops went 'missing.' Customs got sued for that and unsurprisingly, the case is still going on. How many years is that? Six! I hope that with there being the address of the US embassy on the box that they won't decide to rival in with their corrupt little fingers and take my passport... because that will be the actual end of me going further into Africa. I hope my Mum disguised it well; concealed in an envelope, immersed with little books and leaflets... and along with all my other things which really aren't worth that much. I am on the edge of my seat however... Hopefully by tomorrow or Thursday I should have it in my possession. Hopefully!

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