Thursday 5 June 2014


This is a Tiger Mosquito. I first came across these little bastards in Barcelona. They originated in East Asia but they've managed to migrate to most parts of the World now. They have even adapted to hibernating during Winter months in temperate climates. In Barcelona, when these first started biting me I would come up in huge welts, my right wrist swelled up, bright red and burning hot. My host, Maria wanted me to go to hospital - I didn't! 
Now with the coming rains these shits are out in abundance. My body has seemed to have gotten used to the reaction; only tiny bumps appear now. I've never really had a problem with mosquito's in Africa thus far. That garden in Barcelona has always had first prize up until now. I imagine when I leave this house and start bush camping again now the rains are here they will become a problem. Hopefully though, if I'm camping out away from the cities and towns where open sewers and stagnant water are the norm there won't be too much of an issue with them. Don't they look evil!   

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