Sunday 20 July 2014


Hello! Sorry it's been a while since the last update. I've been making tracks quick through Nigeria, and there's been a distinct lack of wifi on route. I'm in Calabar now; a city near the border to Cameroon. I should get my visa either tomorrow or the day after... Then I can leave this country!!

So, first up; Malaria has all gone. The medication worked and I've felt fine for around two weeks... so now it's just one more thing to add into the experience bank.

Now for Nigeria... Nigeria is really not a good place to travel at the moment. I have never been to a more dangerous, hostile, scary, annoying and frustrating country in my life. It is because of the crisis in the North... but for me and Dan to be treated like suspected terrorists and to have experienced the hostility that is
brought with it is beyond reason. There have been some very sketchy moments, I have never felt more scared in my life in some of them. Things were fine for the first few days, in fact the people matched the welcome and hospitality of the Senegalese - which is saying something! Then we reached our first big city, Iloren, got stopped by some police who immediately took my keys from my bike. They wanted to see all our papers and then a crowd started to form. Then we heard shouts of 'Boko Harem!' coming from the crowd. The crowd then turned into a mob. We were surrounded and people started to pull on my arms and drag me into the crowd. It got very heated and then the police started firing their rifles over the crowd to disperse them. My heart has never beaten so hard out of fear in my life.
 This happened on another time in some village in the arse all of nowhere on a dirt track. Again people thought we were terrorists, a mob gathered and started to scream and shout... there were no police to calm things down that time. People became very physical and one guy started to punch me so I kicked into gear and rode through the crowd shouting 'Get the fuck out of my way or I'll fucking run you over!' All we came to the village for was for breakfast...
 We got surrounded by the infamous 'stick men' a few days ago... although this time they weren't carrying weapons... they were just posing as police and then stole our keys and demanded money. After being surrounded by a mob of around 200 and 100 on two different occasions these eight men and there shouts didn't really hit the spot they intended, and we got our keys back without handing over any money.
 The police also... they were the people I feared the most on my journey through Nigeria, but overall they haven't been a 'problem' as such, just annoying. We have been treated with suspicion throughout the whole country and on three times we've had to go to the police headquarters and have every single piece of our luggage inspected meticulously. This has really slowed things down. Some asked for money, but we never gave and it hasn't been a problem.

Now here in Calabar, where every hotel is quadruple the price that it states on the internet, I'm glad I'm only a few days ride to Cameroon. I can't wait to leave this country. The levels of animosity are just unbearable at times.      


  1. Glad you got through safely, I have been following this blog from when you posted on BCF and was starting to worry that you had hit trouble. Nigeria is not a nice place to be just at the moment, good luck and keep biking!
    John in Carlsle

  2. Thanks mate. There was some really sketchy times in Nigeria.... I'm very glad to be out of there! Cheers for keeping a look out ;-)