Sunday 6 July 2014


I think we ride in the morning. I felt pretty good yesterday but this morning after a coffee I felt like utter shit again. My girlfriend later told me that apparently it's not good to drink coffee when you're recovering from malaria. I fucking love my coffee in the morning... I'm a zombie otherwise.
 This evening I'm feeling better. I finished the last of my medication last night but just to be on the safe side I'm going to take doxycycline for a week on top... don't want any of those little bastard parasites in my blood stream anymore! As far as travel illnesses go malaria has been the least painful out of what I've had in the past, surprisingly. In India I had both dysentery (to the point where I was gushing blood) and altitude sickness. Altitude sickness was the worst by far.

Anyway, we're giving it four or five days to get up to the Nikki border crossing into Nigeria - thus begins the mad dash across the country!


  1. Ahreet, been a while since i looked at your blog/progress man, crap to hear about your 3 month stint without ya visa's. When you where on about the fat twat african officials getting uppedy and refusing responcibility, the film 'the last king of scotland' sprung to mind. You got writing talent dude.
    also don't worry about the maleria, ide rather be shittin' blood riding a ped in africa than doing the hum drum 9-5 thing back in blighty so youre doing sometjon' worth while!.
    Ride same and Gan Canny fella, nothing worth doing was ever worth doing easily.

    all the best, Biker Bob

  2. I check for updates every day, I'm really hoping the crossing into and of Nigeria will go without problems and dangers.


  3. Cheers guys.

    I agree Biker Bob, I'd rather be shitting blood in a far off land than doing the 9-5 also!