Friday 25 July 2014


I'm actually setting off for Cameroon tomorrow. My bike is all ready to go; new sprockets and chain, nice fat, chunky tyres on both wheels and a perfectly running engine. I need to get some more miles in. I have South America on my mind a lot at the moment and I have a very long way to go. The jungles of Africa should be fun though. And as soon as I get to Cameroon I change direction and start making for the South. Then it will feel like I'm making real progress I think. Dan's bike is properly broken. He's had to open up his engine and can't find parts anywhere (makes me more thankful that I'm on a c90) so I have to set off alone due to visa dates. Hopefully we'll meet up in Yaounde... and hopefully there I will have access to some unlimited wifi so I can get back in touch with people who have been sending me messages. I should be there within a week...

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