Thursday 31 July 2014


I'm in Yaounde! I crossed over into Cameroon on the 27th. It's very nice to be out of Nigeria and to not have my keys taken out of my bike from a policeman appearing out of nowhere every time I stop for fuel, something to eat... anything, and then to be demanded to have all my belongings searched among an occasional mob that has to be backed away by gunfire!
 Cameroon is a beautiful country. Lush green mountains, rolling hills, good roads (for the most part) and wonderful people. I've managed to find a church that has taken me in and let me camp... which also has wifi... record breaking wifi; one and a half hours to load up this site, emails and Facebook. Still, it's great to be able to write this in my tent.
 The journey here was quite rough and I'm pretty knackered it's going to be nice to rest for a while. Cameroon is very wet!


  1. Sorry about the internet connections. Enjoy your stay in Yaounde and do take advantage of the interesting meals we got here in Cameroon! Thanks for inspiring me this evening to update my blog! ;-)

  2. No worries! I've found a room with a really good connection too so it's all good here. The food here is very nice too, I agree :-)