Wednesday 22 February 2017

A collection of my favourite photo's from riding through Laos.

Laos wasn't my favourite country in the world to travel in, but for natural landscapes and anything nature-orientated, it's quite high up there with some of the best.

 A room with a view of the river we would take as a short cut the next day.

 Working-homes on the river.

Tenting in a cabin to keep the mosquito's at bay.

The first night of wild camping was a bit of a failure if you're sleeping on the top of a mountain in a hammock and then a cloud passes through your camp. Wet air = wet everything.

 The third attempt at wild camping worked beautifully. Our second attempt was interrupted by police and we were made to move on - just after we set everything up, gathered wood for a fire and was about to cook our food... Very soul destroying. Cheers Laotian police.

 Heating water for noodles. Fills the stomach.

 Packing up the morning after is always a chore.

 Marc and cows. At least these ones didn't head-but him!

 Entering tiger country.

 Laotians believe that they live alongside spirits, and this rock is where the elder spirit 'lives', and is responsible to the protection of the people in the village, allegedly.

 Houses made of wood and straw roofs, but satellite dishes can be seen in abundance around the village.

 Drying reeds to make brooms out of. Sometimes they line both sides of the road in different colours due to the drying process, and I feel like I'm riding through a Van Gogh painting.

 Taking a boat ride upstream...

 Fixing the propeller. They're elongated and pivotable to avoid the rocks in the shallow water. But I get the feeling that they're used to making repairs on the fly.

 A tour guide who can actually speak English. This was quite hard to find in Vietnam. His name directly translates in English to 'Mr. Fat'.

 Clearing a rocky passageway through the water.

A cute little turtle, lucky to be living in a nature reserve.

Our room for the night. A beautiful place to sleep.

Sat round the fire at night, attempting to drink their home-made Laotian whisky. It's brutally rank.

Marc and his inconspicuous jacket.

These guys are masters at spotting animals at night as we floated downriver in the dark. They used to be poachers, but now they work for the nature reserve, preserving the wildlife.

The Rangers sleeping quarters.

Beer cans shaped like stars... possibly to ward off evil spirits. I'm so glad to be an atheist.

Getting a new tyre put on after my previous exploded on me...

Hmm, cows that didn't ram me...

Laos really can be a magical place to be in sometimes.

A sturdy bridge.

In this part of the world, the crescent moon smiles, rather than looking like a thin, arching face.


Opium bar in Vang Vieng.

The pretty lady on the left has been taking meth daily for four months. The effects of this are still yet to show, visibly. 

The last photo with the guys before we all headed out on our own paths after nearly travelling together for three months. It was an emotional goodbye.

Roads like West Africa, sans Buddhist temples.

Two lizards kissing in a roadside shack as my bike and I took refuge from the heat.

A view from a guesthouse window.

Typical mess I inflict on any room I stay in.

Ants. Ants that had taken over an entire tree!

Another stunning view from a guesthouse.

Taking in more shade and a chance for the engine to cool. I've taken to pissing on it to aid cooling. It just fizzes away initially, but within half an hour I can touch it without it scolding my hand.  

On a boat to 4000 Islands; my last destination in Laos, where my hope was to find this illusive smuggler who could get my bike into Cambodia. It all worked out.